asia crypto congress?

Through surfing Facebook yesterday, I came across one of my acquaintances who mentioned he is attending the Asia Crypto Congress in MBS. Curiosity piked, I googled this event and was amused by a couple of marketing statements.

The event was apparently free but if you pay for a VIP seat, you will get to meet a mysterious Dan X which according to marketing material reads:

Well, to be fair you probably can find quite a few people who has done that. I have friends who did that but because they were holding their coins, have done that and say goodbye to it strictly from a paper gain perspective. I wonder if this Dan X actually has realised his gains or like many of us, sitting on portfolios that swung wildly. Another reason why I'm skeptical is, if I'm sitting on crypto gains of more than $1mil...I'm not telling you who I way. Happy to share in anonymity but not prepared to have someone hacked me as I have seen this becoming quite a trend...

Then the other goodies that were dangled if you signed for a VIP seats include:

Frankly, I don't think it is rocket science as there's so much information these days and lots of bloggers such as GMGH willingly to share about cryptos. I figured this could be just a preview to get you to go for course that cost maybe in 4 digit range, nothing wrong with that but I personally think these lessons are likely to be superficial especially when the industry is evolving so quickly and anyone that claims to be an expert, I would be cautious...

Will ask my friend if he found the congress useful....


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